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  • Veganized: Like a caprese
  • Veganized: Like a caprese

Veganized: Like a caprese

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.87 (3)

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20 March 2020
This is definitely on my list of #sgfavourites. I liked it the best from all

the things we tried. The base was exceptional, and since this pizza came with lot less toppings, I could enjoy the taste of the sauce as well ( I like my pizzas simple).

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Redefined my pizza experience. Still in disbelief that this didn't have cheese but tastes even

better. You get a thirty

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24 November 2020
The star of the show is the CRUST. Was skeptical about the pizza without the

cheese but dang, it tastes just as good. Love the little juicy cherry tomatoes! Great pizza.

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