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  • Veganized: Custom Pizza
  • Veganized: Custom Pizza

Veganized: Custom Pizza

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


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3 March 2021
Add any veggies to the sesame crust base. Fresh and delicious #veganpizza

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I keep trying other pizza spots around Singapore but keep coming back here. It’s simply

the best. No comparison. The ingredients, the dough, the sauce and the way it all comes together.

They don’t have anything vegan on the menu.... I’ve been telling them for more than a year, but they rock at creating anything you want. This time we tried asparagus, red onions and spinach. And a crust covered in white sesame seeds. They proof the pizza dough 24 hours so it’s already a bit nutty but the sesame just make the crust explode with flavor 💥💥💥

I’ll also add that eating pizza with vegan cheese reminds of me what I don’t miss about pizza... the cheese! It’s so light, refreshing and delicious when I can taste the veggies, sauce and crust and vegan cheese just kind of f’s it all up IMHO.

Go eat pizza here!

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It’s all about the sauce. Wait it’s all about the crust. Oh no, it’s actually

about the cheese. Oh wait we’re vegan so no cheese! Whatever your thing, the veganized renditions at Blue Label take pizza to the next level. This one is a custom pizza with cornmeal crust and onions and mushrooms 🍄 Very strong! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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