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  • Veganized: Blue Label Salad
  • Veganized: Blue Label Salad

Veganized: Blue Label Salad

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.76 (5)

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3 June 2019
Shredded raw brussel sprouts, dried berries: a lovely salad as a side. Very nice!

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19 September 2020
This salad is not just ANY salad. At first sight it was perfectly presented and

as we broke down its structure, I discovered unique ingredients in the salad that just blended so well in my mouth 😚 Its base is a beautiful layer of brussel sprouts and tucked between the gaps were berries, nuts and raisins all covered in mustard vinegarette 🧡✨ Just let the waiter or waitress know you’d like it veganized and they’ll know exactly what to do! Blue Label is 💯💯💯 and I am so excited to visit again! #salad

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There’s nothing better than a creative salad (except creative pizza) and this place checks both

boxes. Cabbage salads are amazing and this one had tons of textures and flavors including raisins, sesame seeds and nuts. The kale salad was also amazing. Hoping @letusbeheroes has a photo of that!

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