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by Blossoming Lotus


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26 November 2022
wooo i’m in portland for the weekend!

if you have any restaurant recs, pls let me know!

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30 June 2021
This consisted of broccoli, deeply flavorful marinated mushrooms, spicy kimchi, tangy cucumber salad, brown rice,

meaty, sweet, savory, and smoky Korean BBQ soy curls, sesame-tamari dressing, sesame seeds, scallions, and chili sauce for some 🔥. It had a wonderfully satisfying abundance of tasty and complimentary flavors and textures. #saveveganrestaurants

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28 September 2021
Bibimbap is not entirely original for vegan food (since it's mainly veggies anyway) but the

way they cook it here is somewhat unique. It's also a bit spicy and will warm your insides on a cold day.

Ingredients include: Broccoli, Marinated Mushrooms, Kimchi, Cucumber Salad, Brown Rice, Korean Bbq Soy Curls, Sesame Tamari Dressing, Sesame Seeds, Chili Sauce,...

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17 June 2021
Korean BBQ tofu, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, kim chi cabbage, pickled seaweed cucumber, brown rice, gochujang

sauce, was very good, would order again

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9 April 2023

This was a very flavorful dish and I enjoyed it very much. It consisted of

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