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  • Ube crunch roll
  • Ube crunch roll

Ube crunch roll

by Beyond Sushi


4.33 (3)

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24 September 2022
Beautifully plated and very colourful, but I wasn't entirely satisfied with the taste of

this 😐 I don't know if maybe the word crunch had me hoping for something naughtier within, but anyhow I wouldn't put #sweetchilli inside any #makiroll 😦 I do like my #sushi and therefore I hold the bar quite high, this one didn't quite make it.

Thanks @vikas for the recommendation, I imagine I'll get something next time that's more suited to my preferences!

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14 March 2022
when you want something more than an avocado or typical vegetable roll, this is the

place to go! 🍱

overall I thought it was really good, but I would’ve wanted more of the emoji or smoked oyster mushrooms inside. love the addition of the...

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28 August 2021
I hadn’t tried ube before visiting Beyond Sushi and it’s so delicious!

The whole roll is just perfection!

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