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  • Meatless Beef Fried Rice
  • Meatless Beef Fried Rice

Meatless Beef Fried Rice

by Asia Wok


4.60 (2)

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6 December 2021
Seriously, all of the vegan options at Asia Wok are amazing.

This is a new addition and I’m loving it. The “beef” is the same as the one in the pepper beef but it’s salty and garlicky instead.

#veganisnotscary #63

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20 December 2021
This is another new addition to the plant-based menu at Asia Wok!

Now you can get their fried rice with either vegetables, mushrooms, meatless chicken, or meatless beef. Just be sure to specify NO EGG to make it vegan 😀 I really loved this one and it had a very generous amount of beef in it. I will definitely be ordering it...

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