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  • Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon Sorbet

by aROMA gelato Dubrovnik


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27 July 2022
Okay, if you’re going to Dubrovnik, this is the place to go for sorbet!!!

I’ve never seen so many options, it makes a change from usually boring citrus sorbets being the only choice. The watermelon was delish and my favourite out of the 2 kinds I got👌

The first time I went they did have “vegan chocolate” gelato up on the menu board which I got excited to try, but they didn’t have any left☹️ which I mean is good that a vegan option was popular, but bad I wasn’t able to try it! When passing the place on other days, I looked inside to see if it was still on the menu board but they’d taken it down and it never reappeared...

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