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  • Drunken Mushroom
  • Drunken Mushroom

Drunken Mushroom

by Araya's Place


4.70 (2)

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18 January 2020
Love the variety of mushrooms in this dish: portobello, shiitake, white. And the seitan was

well marinated with excellent texture. It’s pricey at $16 but I’d get this famous signature dish again if I came back! #veganoutreach

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mushroom party in a dish! 🍄 this had portobello, shiitake, oyster mushroom & white button

mushroom, as well as plant based meat with a bunch of veggies! all stir fried with a mouthwatering garlic basil seasoning.

this dish also came with your choice of noodles - we picked the wide, flat noodles. there were also udon & thin rice noodles. wished there were more portions of noodles in this dish though! 🫶

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