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by Analogue


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25 March 2022
Non-alcoholic drinks don’t get the love they deserve.

For one, it takes a lot more effort to craft a cocktail without alcohol but still with the same flavour heft as one with a spirit to anchor it. Analogue does this exceedingly well and should rightfully be celebrated. This drink — the Passionfruit — is a stunning example of how a non-alcoholic cocktail can have the same complex profile as any...

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4 December 2021
Incredible mock tail!

The “tart” on top was made out of fruit pulp and had an amazing filling. The drink itself was so refreshing and had various flavours from the passionfruit and coconut. #veganisnotscary

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5 October 2021
Amazing mocktail on the house by the boss.

The boss is really talented

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16 November 2022
Lovely presentation and drink.

What's placed on top is an eggless meringue with passionfruit coulis.

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22 October 2021
Unbelievable concoction and use of pineapples!

The non-alcoholic selection here is by far the best I have seen anywhere

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19 February 2022
My husband really enjoyed this drink.

It came with a cute little pineapple biscuit on top which apparently was also very nice. I felt the drink was a bit too sickly (see other review about drinks having a kick!) and smooth - but it was still a lovely drink nonetheless, especially for a non-alcoholic one. I really appreciate that part of the menu, it didn’t feel like an afterthought at all.

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