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  • Triple A Acai Bowl
  • Triple A Acai Bowl

Triple A Acai Bowl

by An Açaí Affair (Bugis)


4.66 (7)

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23 August 2019
One of the nicer smoothie bowl I have tried in Singapore. I loved all the

toppings. But paying almost $15 seem crazy for what it is, maybe Bali has spoilt me. I will stick to making smoothie bowls at home.

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change your granola to nuts to avoid honey! Was served by a v friendly staff

and they gave huge servings and 50c off for byo

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The server accidentally gave me cookie butter instead of my normal almond butter for this:

it wasn’t as pleasant an experience cause the sweetness of the açai is met with an even sweeter cookie butter drizzle :-( wouldn’t recommend for non-sweet tooth people. But! They kindly allowed me to bring my own jar to serve the açai in, and gave me toooons (it was almost overflowing hehe) açai affair is still one of the best açai places in SG heheheh

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This by far one of the best Acai I ever had! It was really huge

portion for the money I paid for it.
If you ever have a taste for really good Acai bowl, go for it. They have a lot of different options for toppings and bases.

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They really put in effort and time into the presentation of everything, even when it

was in my own container. It is a refreshing dish on a hot day. This outlet has 1-for-1 on Burpple, so it makes the acai slightly more affordable.

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