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Pumpkin Latte

by Am I Addicted - Pottery Studio & V Cafe


3.56 (5)

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29 June 2022
ooo a pretty interesting drink!

slightly nutty and malty, my friends said it tasted like horlicks slightly. a little grainy though with some pumpkin bits that my friend thought was a little strange, but I liked it!

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3 July 2022
[Pumpkin Latte]

The pumpkin latte was unique to say the least. Pumpkin lovers will certainly love the strong pumpkin notes that come with each sip, although I found it to be slightly overpowering at times.

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5 April 2022
Unfortunately, I didn’t have such a great experience with the drinks here - this tasted

sickly sweet and I couldn’t finish it as-is, had to pour some Americano coffee into it to dilute the sweetness. Would prefer it if it came with sugar on the side for people to sweeten as they wish. Will not be re-ordering.

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25 March 2022
I wish it had more pumpkin spices and that the serving size was larger

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28 February 2022
Tiny drink for the price.

Subtle taste of pumpkin. Made with oatmilk

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