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Vegan Floss

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


4.00 (4)

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4 November 2020
Tasty floss mixed with sesame seeds!

:) The bread becomes a lil’ dry if it’s not eaten fresh as there’s no filling inside. #sgbreads

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24 June 2020
Tasted like a mix between a multigrain bread and daily favourite floss.

The vegan floss was authentic while the bread was sufficiently chewy. One thing it missed was a filling (see 2nd pic), but maybe that's for the best since it is healthier.

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10 July 2020
$1.50! very sad that all their breads come prepackaged:( but this was quite good!

not as soft and fluffy as the black sesame one but still good:” the floss didn’t taste exactly like how I remember it to be, had a little seaweed-ish flavour. also doesn’t have that creamy mayo topping that bread talk’s floss bun has that I dearly miss! there is a little mayo/cream on top but not enough imo

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2 June 2020
Really glad to have known this place.

The sesame seeds gave a good crunch to the soft & spongey bun. Excited to try more from almond bakery 😊

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