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  • Mushroom chestnut bun
  • Mushroom chestnut bun

Mushroom chestnut bun

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


4.20 (5)

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4 November 2020
This is really good and well-seasoned oh my.

Get this if it’s available!! The moist potato & mushroom filling makes the bread stay soft and fluffy inside too :) #cyfavs #bread

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3 September 2020
$1.50!! omg heated this up in the microwave with a cup of water for 30s

and it came out so fluffy😭🥺 the bread was so soft and light, and the fillings were so good, the mushrooms were so chewy and the potatoes that came with it was so soft and mushy I loved it HAHA the fillings tasted kind of like soon kueh but not as peppery. really good savory breakfast for the morning!!!

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5 May 2020
A delicious and simple mushroom bun.

What’s not to like :)

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19 May 2019
Hm $1.50 for q a big bun!

Loved the bread, fillings are quite flavourful too. I’m just Nor a huge fan of potato :b

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5 May 2020
As the name suggests, it comes with a mushroom and chestnut filling.

The amount of filling is just nice, and moist. Good as a snack.

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