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Hot dog bun

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


3.47 (3)

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4 September 2020
$1.50!! omg have been craving hot dog bun for the longest time and finally found

it🥺 the hot dog was pretty meh though tbh, didn’t have the bite of a hot dog in hot dog buns I remember so fondly as a kid, it was more of like a mushy texture like otah? but the taste was okay though!!! bread once again super fluffy like how does almond bakery do...

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4 August 2020
Been hoping to find a nice vegan hot dog bun (my childhood fave) but sadly

this wasn’t it :( the hot dog tasted like cardboard-ish mock-meat to me but I do love the bread’s texture and fluffiness! Highly recommend checking them out though as they do have other tasty buns and the vegan ones are labelled clearly.

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5 May 2020
They have hot dog buns that aren’t vegan as well (comes with cheese) so

be careful when buying. All vegan items are clearly labeled.

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