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  • Black Sesame Bun

Black Sesame Bun

by Almond Bakery (Vegetarian)


4.35 (4)

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2 September 2020
$1.30! this was okay, they ran out of the black sesame bun I was planning

to get so got this instead! the black sesame flavour wasn’t strong enough and the filling felt like it was either red/mung bean paste mixed together with some black sesame. couldn’t really make out what the filling tastes like tbh, and bf also said there was a weird aftertaste that could possibly be from the...

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6 March 2021
The black sesame filling tasted very much like kopitiam’s bsm bao but without the tap

water taste so it was much more enjoyable! Being a vegetarian bakery, I would say the bread has a softer and fluffier texture than even some normal bakeries out there, definitely commendable

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10 July 2020
$1.50!! FOR THIS SOFT FLUFFY BREAD omg the bread was so extremely extremely light and

fluffy it felt like I was eating a cloud. black sesame paste was really good too, had the strong sesame flavour and wasn’t too sweet!! loved this:”

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