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Min jiang kueh

by AH LOCK & CO.


4.90 (4)

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10 April 2021
Vegan pancakes available!

Flavours include red bean, peanut and coconut. Personally love the peanut the most! Yummmmmy 🤤

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31 January 2022
Top up $1 if you are buying a main for a min jiang kueh.

This is the matcha and red bean flavour. Sweetness level was just nice. Soft and fluffy on the...

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5 March 2022
Nice Min Jiang Kueh!

I got the Matcha and Red Bean one which satisfied my cravings for something sweet. I like it that the pancake is not too sweet and complements the filling quite well. Though, I couldn’t really taste much of the matcha

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6 December 2021
Red bean pancake!

Soooo soft 🤤 🤤 would def get again if I visit again!

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