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  • Vegan Platter 2

Vegan Platter 2

by Aiko Sushi (old Active Sushi On Bree)


4.30 (4)

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14 January 2022
The best vegan sushi in Cape Town!!

I’m craving it so I’m posting it 😋

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1 June 2021
It’s amazing to have a whole vegan menu to choose from!

We were a bit disappointed in the variety and presentation of this platter. It could just be personal taste though as I did not particularly like the sweet potato with sushi. I’m sure there are other amazing options though and it’s hard to do great presentation for a delivery order.

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19 December 2021
Love the sushi from this place.

We had the platter for 2 and some avo inari and all was delicious.

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21 July 2021
Amazing sushi.

Very tasty & satisfying although slightly pricy. Best vegan sushi I've ever had!

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