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Tofu inari

by Aiko Sushi (old Active Sushi On Bree)


4.25 (4)

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17 November 2021
Love these tofu Inari.

Sweet tasting sushi with Rice, beancurd, vegan mayo & spices.

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18 February 2022
Not quite as wonderful as the other sushi I tried but still a good option.

Tofu, beancurd, rice, vegan mayo and spices 🌱

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18 September 2022
I was disappointed.

Wonderful flavour but it lacked something - perhaps a crunchy element or a spicy topping. I added some peppadew (from another dish I was having) and that made it so much nicer. I wouldn't have it again.

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3 August 2021
Very good sushi.

The sushi rice was some of the best made sushi rice that I’ve tasted. The inari is a must try on the menu.

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