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Komplet Deluxe

by Kaf


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11 July 2019
Kaf is a nice and cosy small café which is popular for their scrumptious brunch

plates and incredible-looking cakes and pastries, although they also serve paninis for lunch. It could be the perfect hidden gem, but it's not very hidden anymore. The outdoor seating was already taken up when we got there at 10:20 a.m., but we found a table inside.🥳👍🏻💕 We all got brunch, but I got the "deluxe" - the only difference between that and the regular being a vegan croissant, but I'd never had one before.🥐 The brunch comes with a sourdough bun, vegan butter, berry jam, vegan nutella (OH MY GOSH🤤), avocado, vegan cheese and sausage, cashew yoghurt with granola and berry compote, and some fruits, and it is absolutely beautiful!🌿 We shared my croissant, and it tasted just like a croissant should - fluffy and buttery! Everything was delicious! It's a 10/10 from me, because I honestly don't know how it could get better!☺️💕✨ I REALLY wanted to try one of their cakes, but I didn't get a chance to today, so I'm gonna have to come back REAL soon!🍰👀

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Brunch Deluxe, preso due giorni di fila perché era decisamente strepitoso! Composto da: un panino

croccante, una brioche, yogurt con granola, marmellata, burro e nocciolata, formaggio vegan, avocado e frutta fresca. Tutto fatto da loro e tutto buonissimo.

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