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Dragon roll

by 123V


4.53 (3)

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15 March 2023
I went for their bottomless sushi menu which is all you can eat for £30pp.

This dragon roll sushi is banana blossom tempura, avocado, crunchy carrots & beets, and wasabi mayo. The avocado is very well layered and demonstrates some attention to detail. The taste was not bad by any means but not memorable to me and I don’t feel any urge to get it...

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12 January 2023
These dragon rolls are made of banana blossom tempura, avocado, crunchy carrots & beets, wasabi

mayo. They're delicious!!!

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11 January 2023
For the true avocado lovers.

It has a delicate taste, perhaps not too original compared to the other sets.

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11 March 2023
Unfortunately I don't have a good pic, but this was one of my favourites,

it tastes so nice and fresh!

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