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  • Crispy Rice Green Dynamite
  • Crispy Rice Green Dynamite

Crispy Rice Green Dynamite

by 123V


4.87 (3)

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8 April 2023
I went for the Bottomless Sushi which is all you can eat for £30 per

person. This dish is battered crispy rice topped with spicy tofu crab, guacamole, sriracha and jalapeño. Out of all the dishes I tried, this was the most memorable because you don’t usually get battered...

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12 January 2023
Spicy tofu crab, guacamole, battered crispy rice, sriracha, jalapeno.

Just fabulous as all the other options of this restaurant

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11 January 2023
Me second favourite sushi set.

It's a little more spicy than the others on the menu but so worth it. I don't like very spicy food but this was so pleasantly balanced

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11 March 2023
This tastes very interesting, I really like the crispy rice base.

I took the jalapeño off and it wasn't really spicy so I recommend it even to people who don't like spicy food.

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