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  • Pineapple bun With Iced Butter
  • Pineapple bun With Iced Butter

Pineapple bun With Iced Butter

by 元禾食堂 Flourish


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14 June 2020
I absolutely love pineapple buns with butter before I turned vegan.

I would say this is close enough to the real thing and worth a try! Have it right away while the buns still hot, it tastes better that way!

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17 September 2019
It’s really amazing that this Hong Kong snack is available as a vegan version here

(something I’ve never been able to try living in Hong Kong for four years!) I believe they get the buns from the vegan bakery Yiihotang next door. It’s served warm with a huge cold chunk of cold vegan butter and brown sugar inside the bun. It really is a nice combo of textures and is quite yummy, although it was just too much butter for me (no fault of the restaurant; it’s how the dish is meant to be...

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