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Engineering Manager



abillion is hiring an Engineering Manager to lead our team, organise and implement processes for maximum productivity and efficiency, accelerate our personal and technical development, and nurture a welcoming and supportive culture focused on outcomes.

You’ll be in charge of our engineering team, making sure that processes are in place to enable engineers to work autonomously while collaborating within, and without, the team effectively. You'll set the right tone for working towards targets, setting, measuring and meeting KPIs in the pursuit of achieving the goals set out by the product roadmap. You’ll create an enjoyable and productive development experience that puts a premium on engineer happiness. When something goes wrong, you'll remove all obstacles so the team can fix it as soon as possible.

Your day to day will involve introducing and encouraging best practices for code management, reliability and performance, and helping engineers remove all roadblocks to writing code. You'll be collaborating with product managers and other teams on a regular basis to plan, design and build features and improvements to our products. You can expect an inclusive, passionate and supportive team who will meet every challenge with you and grow together.

A lot of the work initially will focus on understanding, then improving, our processes and getting the team to a more efficient state. Once you settle in, you'll be working on supporting engineers' growth and development.

We’re looking for an experienced candidate who’s ready to take on the responsibilities of being a leader, a mentor and a team player. You'll have solid fundamentals with software development, team management and a product-focused attitude.

We want people with strong opinions but small egos, who make informed decisions but value what others think. We need someone willing to take and give honest feedback in order to drive the team, and the company, to greater heights. We value people who take the long view, but who can move quickly when needed.

You'll want others to succeed as much as yourself, and that will be reflected in the quality of your work your communication with the team, and the effort you put in to make others around you shine. You'll love talking with people, managing expectations and rallying the whole team to align around a goal.

If you are keen to learn and grow together with our team and are excited about the impact you will be making on the plant-based movement, we want to hear from you!