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Travel Guide - Our top vegan friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires

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Hola, foodie adventurers and compassionate souls! Buenos Aires, Argentina's heart-throbbing capital, usually pops into mind as a land of tango, passionate football, and tantalizing steaks. But wait, we've got a plot twist for you - this city is steadily turning into a haven for plant-based food lovers, or as we like to call them, the vegan superheroes!

As the world begins to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, Buenos Aires, or "the Paris of South America," has also stepped onto this green carpet. It’s taking its famed gastronomic scene to a new level, fusing the vibrant Argentine culture with the growing trend of veganism.

For those of you who dream about savoring vegan empanadas or envision a plant-based twist to the traditional Asado, your food dreams are about to come true. Buenos Aires is bustling with creative vegan chefs who have reinvented these iconic dishes using plant-based ingredients. Picture yourself biting into an empanada filled with richly flavored veggies and soy meat, or enjoying a vegan 'asado' made from seitan, marinated and grilled to perfection!

In the city of good airs, the air is indeed getting better, and the food is becoming more inclusive and guilt-free. The city is brimming with restaurants that are giving a compassionate makeover to the classic Argentine palate. So, buckle up, amigos! Let’s embark on this exciting journey through the vegan-friendly Buenos Aires, and prepare your tastebuds for a flavorful fiesta! 🎉🌱🍽️

Guille Veggie

Your vegan-friendly, cozy little corner of Buenos Aires serving up authentic Peruvian vibes. Whether you're a proud plant-muncher or just a curious foodie, you'll fall head over heels for their flavorsome fare. It's all whipped up by genuine Peruvian chefs, so you know it's legit. The heartwarming part? It's all super affordable! Make sure you dig into their girgolas anticucho, non-chicken chaufa rice, and sautéed loin. And don't you dare skip the chicha morada; it's a lip-smacking, vegan-friendly party in a jar! 🌽🎉🍴

pic Photo: @franvegg

Casa Mhia

Cruise into the charming neighborhood of Villa Urquiza and discover "Casa Mhia", a vegan gem flaunting three distinct, beautifully-styled areas, ranging from romantic dim-lit corners to a lively, family-friendly space. Go on a culinary joyride with their mouth-watering array of dishes including garlic butter bruschettas, palm heart ceviche, tofu wok, vegetable lasagna, and a divine risotto with yamani rice and golden quinoa. This American-Argentinian fusion spot also offers whopper burgers, zingy shawarmas, refreshing salads, decadent desserts, and juices. Your ticket to a tranquil, comfy spot for some healthy indulgence. 🍔🥗🍰🍹👌🏼

Ainara Helados Vegano

An all-vegan ice cream haven where they take sustainability as seriously as flavor. Every delicious scoop here is homemade, planet-friendly, and amazingly, boasts half the calories of traditional ice cream. 🍨🌍 From their zero-waste ethos featuring biodegradable materials to recycling, they are quite the eco-warrior! Not to forget, they offer lactose-free, gluten-free and a fantastic array of flavors that include vegan dulce de leche variations (hard to find, but oh-so-good). The cherry on top? They're pet-friendly too. So, if you're in for a guilt-free frozen delight, Ainara is your sweet spot! 🍦💚🐾

Vegan Fox

Step into "Vegan Fox" for vegan fast-food that’ll make you forget all about its meat counterparts. Here, you're treated to the best of the greasy, indulgent world of fast food with a cruelty-free spin! 🍔💚 Be warned, it's irresistibly good, from their perfectly cooked patties to extra crispy fries. Their offerings are definitely not in the health food category, but who cares when they're deliciously sinful? Standouts include the Mac and cheese burger, the 'chicken' burger, and their generously served fries. Don’t forget to end your meal with their nutty cookies. Too good to resist, you'll wish it's not too close to home. 🍟🍪]

Let it V

Presenting a global feast crafted entirely from organic, seasonal vegan ingredients. With a menu that features spectacular dishes like divine vegan sushi, flavorful nachos with guac and beans, and exquisite oyster mushrooms, this fusion restaurant assures an unforgettable dining experience. Despite its compact size, "Let it V" exudes a welcoming ambiance, with detailed explanations enhancing your culinary journey. It is not merely an Asian-inspired eatery; it's a convergence of world cuisines, delivering both exemplary service and superior food quality. 🍣🍲🌿

pic Photo: @jacquicalv


An international plant-based haven nestled in fashionable Palermo Hollywood, echoing "Let it V's" global culinary narrative. It is entrepreneur Damian Harburguer’s debut, boasting a stylish vegan menu sourced from seasonal, organic local produce. Expertly designed by Majia concept studio, its sophisticated aesthetics incorporate native wooden furniture and artisanal ceramics. Enjoy an exquisite fennel gin or pear pisco at the custom-made bar. Its dining space, marked by velvet blue booths, is complemented by a verdant outdoor patio showcasing a mural by Eloisa Ballivian. The menu includes highlights like aromatic avocado curry and decadent 'Snickers' style tart, with homemade fresh coconut water to round off your meal.🌿🌍🍴


Mudrá enthrals with a mix of comfort food and gourmet flair, nestled atop a design and arts center in bustling Buenos Aires. Conceived by LA-based chef Matthew Kenney, Ailin Malimowcka, and Marcelo Boer, this Japanese-Peruvian culinary jewel offers delights like shiitake sushi and inside-out kale rolls. Its more casual sister outlet, Mudrá Express, in the Retiro neighborhood, offers portable delights like portobello empanadas and truffle pizza. The ambience reflects artistic attention to detail, contributing to its unique social media identity. Mudrá impresses not just with its plant-based menu, but with its commitment to elevate the vegan culinary scene in Argentina.🌿🍣🍕🌆


A charmingly laid-back eatery that marries local Argentine flair with familiar dishes like sandwiches, burritos, and a delightful weekend brunch. This spot shines with a menu showcasing mixed grill, asado, and ceviche, all masterfully prepared. For the sweet-toothed, their flan is a must-try. A diverse wine list caters to every palate, and a cup of their delicious coffee is an absolute treat. What sets Sampa apart is not just the delightful food but the genuinely warm staff, ensuring an exemplary dining experience. If you're seeking a taste of Argentina served with genuine hospitality, Sampa's your go-to place. 🍷🌯🍮🇦🇷

pic Photo: @camilat


A quaint vegetarian restaurant, drawing crowds with its hefty servings and cozy dark wood interiors. Highlights include flavorful hummus, olives, and scrumptious tacos. Every plate, be it burgers, sandwiches, or pasta, is substantial, healthy, and savory, inclusive of vegan options. Their desserts are equally impressive. With a lovely ambience, friendly staff, and the option to take leftovers home, Sattva has carved its niche as a preferred spot for personal experiences among couples or friends. 🥗🌮🍔🌱


A charming natural cuisine restaurant, serves an array of dishes from fresh bread to vegan burgers, and pasta to vegetable dishes. Relocated in 2016, this eatery entices patrons with its comfortable interiors and the old almacén style corner location in Palermo. In addition to its diverse menu, Artemisia has been consistently introducing vegan options, including Middle Eastern platters and desserts, balancing colors, vegetables, and legumes. This jewel in Buenos Aires offers not just delicious, healthy food, but also sells breads and organic products, all within a serene and tastefully appointed environment. 🥦🍞🍔🥗🌍

From vibrant bistros to decadent ice cream parlors, Buenos Aires showcases its vegan cuisine with flair and sophistication. Whether you're savoring innovative fusion cuisine at "Let it V" or delighting in gourmet fast food at "Vegan Fox", every eatery on this list promises memorable experiences. Uncover Argentina's thriving plant-based movement, one exceptional meal at a time. After all, Buenos Aires is not just a city for tango and Malbec - it's a vegan food paradise waiting to be explored.🍷🌱🍴🌆

We'd love to hear about your personal favorites. Do let us know about your go-to vegan spots in the splendid city of Buenos Aires - we're always on the lookout for fresh, delectable recommendations!

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